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Accuracy of the Published Information


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Advisesoft IKR Web Module


Using the Advisesoft IKR Web Module, that is accessible from the web site, shall only be allowed for the clients of Advisesoft Kft., who have gained such authorization according to the terms and conditions of the contract in force by and between the client and Advisesoft Kft. In case Advisesoft Kft. has not granted you access right to the Advisesoft IKR Web Module, you shall not attempt to access, because it may be qualified as a crime!


Privacy Policy


We hereby inform you, that in case you provide us your personal data (e.g.: name, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address) through the web site or through e-mail addresses indicated on the web site, then your consent shall be considered granted to the management and processing of your personal data by Advisesoft Kft. – excluding special data – upon its own decision, at longest for five years as from the recording of data, in line with the legal provisions in force, for communication and direct marketing purposes, furthermore, if it is necessary for achieving the above purposes, to convey these data to data processor that is under contractual relationship with Advisesoft Kft.


We hereby inform you, that when visiting the web site, the IP address of your computer, and some other data depending on the software of your web browser are collected and stored for 12 months (logged) by the informatics system serving out the demands referring to the web site, for the sake of detecting possible errors or malicious attacks and generating attendance statistics. In the course of this process the IP addresses are not cross checked with data enabling the identification of you or other visitor. These data are only conveyed to a third party based on an authorization conferred by law (e.g.: police, etc).


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